V. Mevr L. Velthuis ‘Alba’ x Kultana Gold

Vanda. V. Mevr L. Velthuis ‘Alba’ x Kultana Gold. This belongs to the group of semi-teretes, a hybrid combination with some terete species in the background. Semi-teretes have leaves that are somewhat pencil-shaped and tapered, but (unlike terete leaves) they are not completely round in cross-section. Terete vandas and their semi-terete hybrids are sun lovers. They flower year round in the tropics. They can be grown in the full sun and are ideal for landscape use. I have 10 of this Vanda on a single log; they have been flowering frequently since I acquired them, but they were particularly floriferous in November 2004 (perhaps it likes its new site on the terrace where it gets more direct light throughout the day). New flower sprays came out in December 2004; bloomed quite magnificently in May 2005.

Vanda Kasem’s Delight x Madame Rattana

Flowering then, this plant, classified as strap-leaved by internet sources, has bloomed frequently since: in February, September-October, May. It is positioned against a sun-hot wall that is open to the wind several months of the year. The plant does not seem to mind these growing conditions, which goes against the received wisdom on how to grow strap-leaved vandas. It bears 9-10 bluish-red spotted flat flowers on the stem, each about 10 cm wide.

V. Robert's Delight 'Giant' (V. Kasem's Delight X V. Madame Rattana

The flowers are described as “enormous platters of long-lasting, deep fuchsia flowers produced on strong, erect inflorescences”.


Still in bloom on 4 June 2003.