Quisqualis indica L.

Rangoon creeper; Drunken sailor; Niyog-niyogan. 1 at P200 from Anihan Botanical Gardens. Governor Leviste Road, Barangay Bulacnin, Lipa City, 043 312 6607; and one from a friend. This fast-growing climbing shrub with woody stems has soft, light-green, oblong, and slightly hairy leaves that are 7-15 cm long and 3-7 cm wide. It grows spiny as it ages. The flowers (deliciously fragrant at night) are borne frequently throughout the year in pendulous clusters and have slender, green tubes and five-lobed petals which are at first white, changing to pink and crimson over a three-day period. They produce nectar and are therefore attractive to butterflies. The creeper may need occasional hard pruning to keep within the desired limits. It needs full sun and moist but well-drained soil. It is propagated from stem cuttings or root suckers, which are produced freely.