Osmoxylon 'Miagos'

I have an attractive variegated foliage plant that is known to vendors here only as ‘Miagos’. It seems it is one of the 20 species of Osmoxylon recorded in the Philippines. It is said that most of these species are endemic to the country.

In the Web, Osmoxylon linnare is referred to as the ‘Miagos bush’. A small bush, it has fine-cut palmate compound leaves with a leathery surface. The leaves rise in a spiral around the stem; the leaflets are up to 12 cm long and are about 1 cm wide. The small white flowers are produced in a dense head at the end of the stem; the fruit, also forming a head, turns black as it ages.

This plant is tolerant of drought and wide range of light conditions, from full sun to deep shade. It is easy to grow, and is suitable for indoor use.