Lantana camara

20 at P20. Native to tropical America, it has since become a weed in the tropical world to which it has been introduced. Growing to about 1 m in height, it has pungent leaves and has almost continuous displays of flower clusters. These are made up of tiny florets and are commonly orange or red-orange. Some cultivars have larger white, pink or lemon yellow flowers. The lantana likes the full sun and well-drained soil. It is propagated by air-layering or from woody cuttings. The nectar-bearing flowers are attractive to butterflies.

Leea rubra Bl

Shrub to 3 m tall with maroon stem and leaves. The flowers are red on branched cymes; the fruit is a berry. Attractive ornamental. Seems to like partial shade. Grows quite easily from cuttings. Beloved of the sunbirds in my garden. Fruits fully formed by 15 November 2004.

Licuala grandis

Ruffled fan palm. A rainforest understory palm from South-east Asia, this plant will grow to a mature height of 1.5-2 m on a solitary trunk. It has large fan-like, regularly pleated leaves with notched edges growing at the end of long, spiny stems. It bears tiny asexual flowers on a long inflorescence and small, round red berries. Slow-growing, the palm is excellent for container/tub culture. It grows in the shade and dislikes exposure to strong winds. It needs to be watered well and frequently. Some sources recommend treatment with fertilizer every three weeks. Browned-out fronts should be removed. Propagated from seeds (it will take about 12 months for these to sprout); also from offshoots.