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Welcome to this web site on a beginner’s notes on gardening in the Philippines.

I began compiling these notes as a guide for myself when I realized how difficult it was to obtain information on ornamental plants the Philippines. I should like to share the notes with new gardeners who want to know a little more about plants than is possible to glean from their friends or plant vendors and who perhaps do not have the inclination or the time to engage in what can be a tedious search for information. The notes are also for those who consider gardening an adventure and a constant source of wonder.

For the small number of plants listed, the site gives scientific names (to facilitate searches in books and web sites and, most importantly, to establish a common base for dialogue) as well as their local names, outlines their characteristics, and provides some cultural information. I have not been able to match scientific names with the local names of some plants. I must also admit to guessing at several of the names and therefore welcome corrections. The site mentions a few possible suppliers in Metro Manila and nearby towns of plants that may be hard to find. Whatever plant information I could gather is provided in the first list, which is arranged alphabetically by scientific names. The second indexes the plants by their common names in the Philippines (where known); names used elsewhere are also given.

You are welcome to email lenisutcliffe141@msn.com if you want a plant added to the list and have the related information. Or, you may wish to add to, comment on, or simply to correct the information provided here.

I should like to thank my landscaper, who found all the plants I asked for. She designed and planted a wise little garden for my husband and me in April 2003:

Annabelle Adriano
BZ Plants and Landscaping Services
Tel 02 850 9430

My basic sources of plant information have been:

A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants
(Second edition)
By Dr. Domingo Madulid
Publisher: Bookmark, Inc., Manila

Tropical Garden Plants
By William Warren
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, Ltd., London

The web sites listed below have been helpful, as have the many others cited in the text:


Most of the photographs are mine and are of the plants growing in my garden.